The Greatest Financial Asset, Contented Discontentment


We live in a world that desires the next greatest thing.  Whether it’s the newest technological device or whether it’s the trip to a “magical” destination.  We, myself included, seem to always think that the grass will be greener with that next purchase, or that next experience.

However, while many things or experiences may have a positive impact on our lives, it is our attitude toward, and during these things and experiences that will shape whether or not they benefit us.

Fostering an attitude of contented discontentment is a powerful tool in achieving financial independence and a fulfilling life in general.  

I am not referring to contentment in the sense that you should be content with your current level of personal growth or service to others.  The contentment I am referring to is the ability to realize that you have enough, and that you are enough.  Financial means does not prove or improve your worth.

However, contentment alone is not enough.  Contentment without purpose is deadly, both figuratively and literally.  It has been shown that those who retire without continued drive or purpose have a much shorter life span.

In order to achieve all that you were put on this earth to do, there needs to be a healthy bit of discontentment with your current situation.  The kind of discontentment that excites you and propels you forward toward growth while not allowing you to forget your God-given intrinsic value.

This is not discontentment that creates stress or that causes you to believe you are less valuable now than you will be if you can achieve “this”, or have “that”.

Being content seems to me to be an ever-fluctuating state of mind and will be a battle that you will never completely win in this lifetime.  However, you can consistently get better at being contently discontented.  Said in other words, 

As you go through life, you can build a healthy balance between realizing that you can be content in whatever circumstance, while still using the drive of discontentment to improve yourself and the lives of others.

This reality is especially important to those that achieve financial independence early.  A contented discontentment is crucial to living a life to the fullest when you become chiefly responsible for your own growth without a boss or manager driving you forward.

I am still early in this journey, but it is a great one!  And it is my pleasure to get to watch you as you begin yours.

With Love,