Automate It to Achieve It: A Simple Way to Reduce Stress and Increase Financial Progress



There is something that consistently rises to the top of the list of wealth and habit creation strategies. That which is made automatic is achieved.

Why is a house the largest asset most people have? Not because it is a great investment, but rather because the mortgage payment serves as automatic forced savings.

Why does the government have taxes automatically withheld from paychecks? Because they know they would not get paid otherwise.

I have learned both in my own life, and in watching the financial lives of others, that those who take care of the most important things in life through automation end up far ahead of those who don’t. And the more amazing part of this is that they also have far less stress and have more time for the best things in life.

It’s a funny thing about us humans that we tend to put off individual actions that we know we should do and would be good for our future for no apparent reason at all.

So, make everything important as automatic as possible. Create a good financial plan and then make it automatic. Your investing. Your debt payments (if you have any). Of course, review your plans on a regular basis to ensure the automation you have setup continues to drive you toward your goals, adjust if necessary, and continue the automation. Stretch yourself with your automatic financial savings as you will be surprised how you are able to simply adjust your lifestyle to what remains without really even feeling the difference.

Doing this will reduce your stress and free up more time, your most precious resource, for the best things in life.

With Love,