Can I Accomplish My Ten Year Goals in the Next Six Months?



As you create, evaluate, and recreate your goals, ask this question often,  “Can I accomplish my ten year goals in the next six months?”

Of course, I am assuming you HAVE ten year goals.

I can’t remember where I read this advice, but I am definitely not the originator of it.  However, it is a powerful question to shift your mindset and make you think outside of the box.  It has led me to purchase and launch businesses earlier than I would have otherwise.  It has led me to purchase real estate investments earlier than I would have otherwise.  It has led me to adjust my work schedule to spend more time with you and your mother earlier than I would have otherwise.

So often, as we fashion our goals we unknowingly place limitations on ourselves.  The goal may seem well-fitting and the time frame for achievement may seem accurate, perhaps even a little tight, at the time.  However, asking this question frees your mind up to think of creative, out-of-the-box solutions.

Would you like to have two months of vacation per year ten years from now?  How could you make that happen in six months?  Launch your own business?  Consultant in your industry instead of work for an employer so that you have freedom in your schedule?  Negotiate a remote working environment?

Would you like to own your own business ten years from now?  How could you make this happen in the next six months?  Could you purchase an already-established business?  Could you ramp up a business quickly on the side as you continue to have regular employment income?  Could you partner with someone you trust that has complementary skills and resources to help you start early?

Whatever the goal, as you dive into to this question, you will most assuredly face doubt, both internally and from those around you.

“But no one else is doing this.” Actually, many people are, and do.  These people accomplish far more by continually evaluating their goals and thinking of new solutions to accomplish them earlier.

“People will think I am crazy.”  If you are wise and do your research and planning, many people will not understand your accelerated goal possibilities.  That’s okay.  Do not look at this as a hinderance but rather as an opportunity to lead by example and perhaps reveal to others what is possible.  Even so, many people will still not understand.  But you know your values and goals.  Strive on!

“It’s risky.”  Risk is very often a function of the planning you do.  If you plan well, risk is reduced.  Also, is it riskier to think of a creative solution to achieve the goal early and have nine and a half years to pursue everything else that comes your way, or to drag out a goal over ten years that could have been achieved earlier?

Do not be discouraged as you ask this question if you find that your goal cannot or should not be achieved early.  The goal may be large enough or time-specific enough that it will take all of ten years to achieve it, and that is good.  It means that you have a well-crafted goal.

This question, “Can I accomplish my ten year goals in the next six months?” is simply a filter by which you ensure you are making the most of this earthly life.

With Love,