Humility (the Unsung Super Power)



I most definitely cannot do this topic justice in a simple letter.  Many great people have written powerful works on the merits of humility.

All I can say is that I have grown to desire this character trait more than nearly any other and it is something that I admire most in those that I look to for guidance.  Likely because it is a constant struggle for me.

True humility is not an act put on because being “humble” is a good trait in social interaction.  It is also not an attribute for those who achieve less than others.  Rather, the attitude of humility, as I have seen it reflected best, is shown by those who have achieved what many would define as greatness.  However, amidst their accomplishments, these individuals have learned how small they truly are in the grand scheme of things and how very little of their success is due to them alone.

One of the most confounding aspects of humility is that it is self-perpetuating.  The more humble you become, the more you desire to learn and grow, which then makes you realize how much there is that you really don’t know, thus expanding your humility even more, which then encourages you to learn and grow again, and so on!  It is a mystery of the greatest measure and an exciting upward spiral to be caught in.

Foster humility and seek out those who live in it.

Fostering a spirit of humility will free you from the burdens of competition.  It will bring calm and excitement for growth and learning, and leave no room for fear of inadequacy. Knowing that you don’t know much is a very freeing aspect of this valuable trait.

One of the best ways to grow in humility is to surround yourself with those you are doing the same.  Seek out individuals who have achieved more than you but who are also truly more humble than you.  You will grow exponentially in these circles.  And, perhaps equally as important, reduce or eliminate the amount of time that you spend with arrogant and self aggrandizing individuals.  Don’t make the mistake to think that you are so strong in personality that some of their haughtiness will not rub off on you.

With so much love,