Why Write Letters to Randon?


As of this writing, my son, Randon (also my middle name), is nearly eight months old.  Oh how time flies.  From long before he was born I have grappled with an idea of wanting to pass along life lessons to my children that have impacted my life.  Not only that, I have desired to pass these lessons on to them earlier than I learned them so that the compounding effect of these ideas will have a greater impact on their lives and, in turn, allow them to have a greater impact on the lives of those around them.

At the same time, I have also been searching for a way to reach more people with sound principles of financial independence and intentional living.  As a financial planner my scope is limited in the number of clients I can individually work with while maintaining a healthy amount of time for the other important things in life.  I have desired to have a resource that I can point people to, and that they can share with others, that will offer them some insight and foundational advice that, if implemented, will impact their lives for years to come.

So, I have decided to combine these two goals into one.  What better advice can I offer than that which I would give to my own son?

I have long known that my mind only has so much capacity in the ability to recall the important things I have learned.  So, my hope is that in writing them down, they will be easily accessible for my children and for anyone else that may benefit from them.

My hope is that somewhere in these letters you will find something that changes your life and the lives of those around you for the better.

Kyle (Dad)